Retrieving history

6 min min read - August 25, 2018

I decided to dig in my history and find records of my internet activity since the begining. And I've been here for a while, constantly rediscovering myself. Why I want to do? For myself, for my memories, but also to show how I developed so maybe someone can learn from it to. This post will be used as a list for research and will be updated continously...

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Software Development & Management

I've just updated my blog by adding something that is essential for traditional blogging: chronological indexing.

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2 min min read - August 26, 2018

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Software Development & Management

One of the first obstacles for people just learning about software development is difficult to get real-life examples. Where it comes to learning types String, Number and Boolean are quite clear (tricky still). But when it comes to Object and an Array it's a different story. The concepts are too abstract for someone who never worked with code.

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6 min min read - August 16, 2018