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What do I want to prove to anyone?

2 min read - 10 June, 2019

That may be the main question. It would be quite valid if we spoke about past events in my life (as mentioned in Priorities blog post… read more…

Cornwall to Kent 2019 plan

12 min read - 15 May, 2019, updated 03 June, 2019

What and why? Another year, another challenge. After cycling 300 miles for University or Liverpool Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund in 201… read more…

How to report road incident to MET

2 min read - 30 May, 2019

Some years ago when I was cycling with our friends back in Poland we had a very close call with a car. It passed us very fast, very close… read more…


3 min read - 28 April, 2019

I used to be very stressed. That actually is an understatement. I used to live with mortifying fear of failure. But I don't tell that to… read more…

GoPro bad driver hunt

2 min read - 25 April, 2019

It is some time already since I decided to be a bit of Vigilante Cyclist . Exactly on 21th December last yer I have made my first GoPro… read more…

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