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Software Development, Team Building, Refactoring, Integration, Start Up, Acquisition, Management

Having successfully built an offshore developer hub, hired contractors with expertise in the designated technology stack, and executed a smooth migration from a third-party-owned codebase, I provided assistance in navigating through acquisition and technological mergers for optimal integration.

At the request of my former boss, I assisted his friend in transforming their startup. The initial task involved migrating the codebase from a third-party-owned stack and establishing a dedicated software engineering team. The project swiftly expanded into a substantial initiative, incorporating offshore development and establishing a support hub in Poland. Responsibilities included the hiring, training, management, and engineering of the product.

After overcoming initial growth challenges and achieving the desired scale, the company underwent another pivot due to an acquisition. This process entailed merging our technology and transferring data to the main hub owned by the new acquirers. Ultimately, the project received full investment from the acquiring company, along with a portion of the contractor base.

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