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Debating, presenting, and promoting ideas, leveraging effective communication to drive engagement and convey compelling messages.

They say embarrassment is a cost of growth, and I've never been afraid to look silly. Perhaps it's because of that mindset that I've managed to consistently improve over time. Embracing the "fake it until you make it" philosophy, I joined a British social media startup in the early 2000s and became a prominent figure in local communities.

My journey began with discussions about disruptive users on "IT Bez Krawata," leading to opportunities like joining Radio Szczecin's podcast "Trącić Myszką" and presenting at the West Pomeranian Business School. Each engagement not only elevated my profile but also expanded my network, providing valuable opportunities for learning.

Even when involved in the controversial Piwo pod Chmurką campaign, I navigated through various regional and national media, enduring jokes from top evening commentary shows about our unconventional presentation shown to the parliament.

Upon returning to the UK, it took me a while to step back onto the stage. I had a not-so-great presentation at the London Node User Group meetup, organized a successful React event at DMGT, and after releasing my first book, "Should You Become a Software Developer," I received an invitation to the fantastic Alfie Whattam podcast.

A valuable lesson I've learned over time is that anyone who invests both work and passion into their trade has something others are keen to hear. It requires a bit of effort and goodwill to start making strides and building one's own brand in the public sphere.

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