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Creating a social media persona, advocating for active travel and road safety, fundraising, conducting research, and self-publishing a book on the topic.

The need for exercise, a cost-effective commute, and savings easily led me to take up cycling. Daily journeys to the office on a bike quickly brought about my first close encounters with drivers. The lack of adequate protection prompted me to invest in a camera. Acquiring a camera raised the question of what to do with the footage. This query, in turn, led me to discover a larger community.

Being part of this community taught me how to react and report incidents. Reporting incidents, in time, familiarized me with the system and institutions involved. This knowledge became a foundation for spreading awareness. The act of sharing information resulted in the growth of my Twitter profile, organically accumulating 3K followers.

Through these connections, learnings, and experiences, I gained respect and authority in the field. This journey eventually culminated in the creation of a book.

In 2023, I conducted numerous interviews with members of the public utilizing third-party reporting systems, among whom were notable figures such as CyclingMikey, MagnaTom, Dave Sherry, and Traffic Droid. Additionally, I engaged with officials from various police forces and celebrities, including Jeremy Vine. This comprehensive approach, combined with meticulous research, formed the basis of a forthcoming publication scheduled for release in 2024. The publication aims to present the phenomenon of public reporting of dangerous drivers in a manner that has not been previously explored, offering fresh insights into this growing trend.

The book represents the culmination and transformation of my longstanding involvement in the realms of active travel and road safety. Through its pages, I channel a multitude of challenging experiences and emotions, aiming to make a positive impact without subjecting myself to unnecessary risks for the greater good. Throughout this journey, I've encountered successes, with some of my videos being utilized by officials and activists to highlight instances of dangerous driving.

One notable incident that propelled me into the headlines occurred during the renowned Battle of Kensington High Street. Additionally, I took the initiative to establish a commuter cyclist network within my organization, further contributing to the advocacy and promotion of safe and sustainable travel. Beyond this, I have successfully run a fundraising campaign for the Road Peace charity, adding a philanthropic dimension to my efforts in fostering road safety awareness.

Moreover, I've created a small booklet tailored for children of primary school age and their parents. This booklet delves into the drawbacks of driving to school and illuminates the risks that children perceive during such journeys. Offering a constructive alternative, the book presents facts that many driving parents may not be aware of. Anticipated to be available in December 2023, the booklet aims to educate and inspire safer and more sustainable travel choices within the community.

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