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1 min min read - February 16, 2021

Week or so ago Svetlana Tikhanovskaya gave an ultimatum to the regime. For the last few weeks, people walk out on the streets of Poland. The United Kingdom is torn and terrified of a new lockdown starting on Thursday. Next few days will show if the USA will be normal again or fall into an authoritarian abyss. It seems that 2020 gives us a deadline between getting normality and an Armageddon.

Let's just hope that Joe Biden will win and try to glue the US together. That UK will understand it needs the EU to sort out the economy and defend it from the virus backslash. That Poland will defy totalitarian ambitions of Kaczyński and return political plurality and human rights. And that Lukashenko would vanish with his minions. Forever.

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Added dark mode. Simple small tweak with Tailwind CSS. You you like it? Disqus aligns itself as long you set the theme to auto in admin.

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1 min min read - November 3, 2020

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There has been a lot of chaos recently. Don't take it as a Pre-New-Years resolution, but I feel like I need and I can come back to a bit more organised lifestyle. And yes, it's because our lifestyle has changed a great deal. It's clear that at least for next month we will spend most of our time at home and working remotely may stay here for longer. It required some amendments, especially home became a bit tighter. It also turned out that without the office environment, I need far more organised routine. Otherwise, I'd keep failing behind with most of the things I wanted to achieve.

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2 min min read - November 2, 2020