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Media about Belarus August 16th

3 min min read - February 16, 2021

For a few months I both follow how British public, media and government reacts to the situation in Belarus. Sadly despite alerting about growing issues already in June hardly anyone paid attention. Even after seven thousands of detainees and two people killed there, the government failed to make any comment by a high ranking figure. Media even after today events collecting possibly over 200 thousand people near Stela in Minsk are walking in the dark. For some time on my twitter profile, I wrap up of how Belarus topic performs in the British newspapers. Because the events grow and more journalists try their take I decided to move to the blog to provide wider comment on their work. Sometimes good, sometimes appalling. I will also add retrospectively posts about previous days.

Business Insider

Vladimir Putin has offered to send military assistance to support Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko as up to 200,000 protestors gather to demand his removal by Thomas Colson. The article starts with clickbait scaremongering about Putin agreeing to provide help to Lukashenko and that tone prevails. Generally filled with basic, but correct information doesn't seem to pay attention to the fact that Russian help would come in case of "external threats". Like editor tried to convince himself that Putin is coming.


'We will perish': embattled Lukashenko sends SOS to Putin by Andrew Roth. I have to give that to the Guardian that their coverage is recently quite extensive and seems to put the right balance on facts. They take the help of experts to clarify the chances of Putin interference. It is very clear that they take advice from people who are fluent in the topic.

'We will win': vast Belarus rally adamant Lukashenko must go by Shaun Walker in Minsk. Very good narrative, clear introduction to the topic. Good read. It's visible Shaun is there.

Tens of thousands gather in Minsk for biggest protest in Belarus history as before. Shaun in his best.


Belarus: Embattled Alexander Lukashenko makes ‘on knees’ appeal to stay in power as opposition rallies attract tens of thousands by Oliver Carroll. Fair narrative, correct information. This article is not far behind the Guardian take.

Daily Mail

Tens of thousands of protesters stage 'March for Freedom' in Minsk against unfair elections as Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko blasts opponents as 'rats' and attacks Nato over military exercises in neighbouring Poland by Sophie Tanno. It doesn't start well with inaccurate numbers. Visible copy from AP and Reutres hours after their publication. It is more a transcription of Lukashenko speech with narraive expressions like "Wiping his brow" which makes me feel I read some crime novel. It's not bad, but not very informative. Loads of good pictures and video saves the piece.


Where is Belarus, is it in the EU and what are the ongoing protests about? by Jack Slater. There is no take on what happens there. Most of the article looks like a copy from Wikipedia made by student struggling with his essay. Possibly too much of Netflix too, as the first reference is to Eurovision contest. I won't take a long about using offensive "Belarussia" term. A bit of history nice. Something about bilateral relations with the EU. Really? What about sanctions? What about good sides like massive IT exports like Wargaming? Skype? Fitbit? Viber? What about the biggest truck in the world Belaz? What about the bad sides - dark sides of 26 years of the dictatorship. If I wanted cold pudding to take on Belarus I'd just google it.


I cannot forget about Financial Times and Telegraph who continue to cover the topic quite extensively. I just need to renew my subscriptions to both before commenting ;)


With Belarusians in the UK, we created a petition asking the UK government to finally react to the crisis in Belarus. Please sign and share: Condemn the Belarus Government for harassment and detention of its citizens.

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I continue my series reviewing press take on events in Belarus. I aim to determine the most reliable sources and call out any fakes, unfair judgements, stereotypes or sometimes even lies. Belarus at the moment receives carte blanche in public opinion, so their image mustn't be skewed by bad reporting.

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