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2 min min read - February 12, 2019

I never was an athletic type, but I enjoyed cycling. Having a road bike-like hybrid I conquered hilly, difficult roads and simple streets as well. Just before my wedding in 2013, I cycled 200 miles in two days around beautiful Szczecin Lagoon. Later in 2017, I cycled over 300 miles in 3 days and last year I wanted to cycle 500 miles in 5 days, but... my bike was stolen.

Despite the whole thing being recorded on CCTV, it took over 6 months for MET to collect the evidence and still there is no sign of the bike.

I decided to move on. Purchased road bike instead, properly insure it and then... I was a few times pushed out of my lane by bully drivers who think they own the road.

At that moment I had really enough. I started to record videos with people offending while driving. I reported so far over 8 drivers, 1 case (driving while using a phone) was dropped due to the bad quality of the video but 6 others were directed to the prosecution, one still pending.

What happened since is quite interesting. Well. I was already picked by YouTube trolls that see no fault in any driver and many faults in every cyclist (and interpret Highway Code differently for both). Also, I had a chance to talk with officers on duty and understand how they judge each situation. What I discovered so far is:

  • close pass, specially recorded from the rear camera is 100% prosecution
  • as above for changing lane without indicator
  • for reporting the use of the phone you need to have a good recording so many evade fine in bad light conditions
  • Range Rovers on school run is very likely to do close passes and senseless overtakes even if have enough space for proper overtaking
  • small cars like minis and fiestas are more likely to block left side filtering because of no real reason (except being a tw*t)
  • CS7 is very dangerous in Balham and Tooting mostly because people sticking out from the side roads, very often Priuses
  • red light jumping cyclists are all ages and sizes, but all are idiots; some will even show off obscenely without using any proper gear
  • lights on the wheels are dope
  • if you're on cycle lane according to HC183 you have right of way against people turning left and HC72 has no use here - but better to give the right of way to the idiot than land under his wheel
  • when you report a driver you need to include 2 minutes prior to the incident and 2 after, so better don't cycle like a w*nker

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Depression is not something I would expect to feel. Not very often. I can clearly recollect moments in my life when it took over. Or maybe something else like grief or anger was there and depression was an easy label for them. But in general, my traces of psychopathic personality shielded me from it.

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3 min min read - March 16, 2019

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Every time I come back to this blog I used to have a massive vision of what I would do, how I will drive it further. Maybe: how I'd become another blogging world sensation. Let's be honest. This or most of other blogs never meant to be big. That are just our small pillows to cry our worries, shout our dreams and say our prayers. All the stress, pressure, burnout we can read around starts there. Setting too high expectations for ourselves and forgetting about a very simple thing - gratitude. But it's very important to say "thank you". Even if no one reads. Even if no one listens. It's important to say it to realise that there are so many good souls around us we often not value enough.

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1 min min read - February 11, 2019