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Last time I described raw cost of one Polish rambo-developer hired full time on remote basis (read it). This time I would like to explain much simpler and obvious scenario. Again I will explain you my personal views, but proved by actual client scenarios. Again I will offer you my help to find proper candidates and will point you few talents I worked with. If you have other opinion or questions, feel free to ask and comment.

So simply, why Poles?

  1. English is almost second language for Poles. Huge amounts of young people speaks it on quite efficient level. Let’s be honest. It takes 1,5 hour to fly from Szczecin, Gdańsk or Poznań to London. To Warsaw from all of them takes from 3 to 6 hours by train and plane is many times more expensive.
  2. You won’t be first. Just in Szczecin you will find big support centres like Arvato (Shell, Microsoft, Garry Webber, Douglass) or Stream specialised in German speaking support. Tell you a secret? It’s not too difficult to compete with them for candidates.
  3. For 1000-1500 EUR/mth invoice (VAT free because reverse charge in EU) you can get good a sole-trade worker with advanced English both written and spoken. If you look for efficient data entry work also forget about Philippines or India, you can give first good job to students for budget of 650 EUR/mth. That allows relatively high income for them together with important kick-off in career, with low cost in UK realms and high quality. Anyhow hiring students require proxy via resident in the country. Still it’s fully achievable.
  4. In Poland you will find without problem efficient German, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Danish speakers too.
  5. Poland is part of EU. Travel, legal, transfers is simpler than India, Russia or Philippines.

Of course that are basic numbers. If you are startup, you can start straight ahead. If you need to move your support overseas, optimise your costs feel free to ask. You may need to consider operation, branching costs into your calculation. I can direct you to Hire Poles consultants or to many colleagues from strong IT networking in Polish cities.

Photos taken by Natalia Sarniak and Maciej Kowal. Both talented professionals I worked with. Models are one of my great IT/CS teams. All of them you can find in my network and I can ultimately recommend them as best possible candidates in their professions.

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Disclaimer: Many agencies are hiding values to hide their margins and gain a lot on somebody’s else work. Often quality doesn’t go with the price. Few days ago Elon Musk gave his great Tesla technology as open source to the public. Was that wrong? Of course not. He creates new rules in the market. I might be afraid of someone reading this article and not willing to use my help facilitating enclosed data. Surely I can’t help everyone and I don’t even want to. On the other hand I know that data is beginning to long journey and you need to know how to apply it. Values I present some agencies keep in secret. I will try to explain where it comes from and for what you should pay, if you let someone find best work force for you.

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