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Piwo Pod Chmurką

Influencing, Law, Social Media, Politics

Developing a brand, drafting a legal bill, establishing an NGO, gathering 100,000 signatures for a parliamentary motion, and engaging in meetings with parliament members are the key components of this comprehensive initiative.

In hindsight, this project may not have been the most prudent undertaking. As a young adult residing in an overregulated country, my initial intention was to address a seemingly trivial issue: the illegality of consuming a beer in parks or during picnics, a contrast to more lenient regulations in other European countries. Beginning with a local initiative aimed at altering regional legislation, I established a brand and organized a group. The movement swiftly gained momentum, accumulating tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, and evolved into a national campaign targeting parliamentary action.

This movement garnered attention from various media outlets, both local and in the capital, spanning newspapers, radio, and television. Our efforts included securing a slot at the largest open-air festival in Europe, where we successfully collected a substantial number of signatures. Despite falling a few thousand short of the required 100,000, we were invited to the parliament, engaging in discussions with Members of Parliament about the topic. The debate continued fervently until subsequent elections rendered the issue unpalatable for political parties.

For the project, I created a pre-GDPR system to securely verify signatures, developed animated video presentations, and designed various merchandise—all accomplished without relying on external funding or donations.

"Piwu Pod Chmurką," translating to "Beer under the Cloud" or colloquially, "beer in the park," became a widely adopted phrase, one of the few I coined during this initiative, and continues to be in common use in Poland. Following the dismantling of the NGO in 2013, the brand has been adopted by other activists, primarily in Warsaw and Wrocław. The topic resurfaces periodically, reflecting an enduring impact and sustained relevance within the community.

These days, I've distanced myself from the promotion of alcohol consumption and no longer endorse that aspect of the initiative. However, I take great pride in the project's libertarian ethos and its collective, grassroots nature.

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