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Record Retreat Report

History of the phenomenon system and people who together created third-party reporting in the UK Deeply personal yet backed by deep research and records

"This will be an ideal read for those who are part of the solution and also those who are part of the problem group as well learning to had by all here" Mark Hodson a former officer of West Midlands Police

"What an amazing book, a revelation!
The roads are getting safer because of people like Lukasz.
A combination of new tech and the sudden refusal of ordinary commuters to accept the risk of dying on the way to work has led to a phenomenon of third-party reporting.
I thought I was just trying to get to work without dying turns out I am part of a phenomenon called Third-Party Reporting and it is massive.
For everyone who thinks the roads will always be dangerous and there's nothing they can do about it.

A great read Fascinating and infuriating by turns" Jeremy Vine

In Record Retreat Report Łukasz Marek Sielski, with his unique perspective, delves into the compelling world of road safety and the battle against road crime This eye-opening book explores the rise of vigilant citizens using cameras to document and report dangerous driving behaviours Through meticulous research and engaging narratives Sielski answers critical questions Why do people turn to third-party reporting Does it make a difference Can it save lives

Beginning with the early adopters who first strapped cameras to their helmets, the book chronicles the evolution of this grassroots movement and its impact on road safety and legislation Featuring intriguing personal stories and revealing interviews with key figures, Sielski highlights the challenges and triumphs of those on the front lines of this modern-day fight for justice on the roads

The book includes interviews with

  • Jeremy Vine, BBC and Channel5 presenter
  • Mike van Erp, aka Cycling Mikey
  • Dave Sherry, the most hated cyclist in the UK
  • Lewis D, aka Traffic Droid
  • Andy Cox, OCU Commander Strategy and Transformation Metropolitan Police
  • Mark Hodson, ex-West Midlands Police
  • David Brennan, one of the first reporters and cocreator of Peddle the Parliament
  • Anne Ramsay, aka Cycle Granny

The book contains some unexpected references, including Vines' complaints about cyclists on pavements, Clarkson hating SUVs, and traffic officers investigated for malicious prosecution of the cyclist

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast, a road safety advocate, or someone curious about the power of community action, Record Retreat Report is a must-read It not only sheds light on the importance of vigilant reporting but also inspires readers to contribute to a safer future for all road users.





  • Format PDF (8.2MB) and EPUB (4MB)
  • Archived as 12MB ZIP file
  • Approx 247 pages

About the author

Łukasz Marek Sielski is a Polish/British engineer manager, amateur writer, volunteer and campaigner who has invested in tackling mobile phone use by drivers since 2019 Actively connected to Kensington and working in the media environment

Łukasz had previous successes in creating larger media events, including influencing the Polish presidential campaign with an online game which allowed players to pull the third candidate to support one of the two remaining The game coined a term used for years in Polish politics A few years later Łukasz created a national movement asking for west-like liberties for adults consuming beer in parks and on barbeques  which is illegal in Poland The action reached the parliament and coined more terms in the political and media slang