Writing a book

1 min min read - February 16, 2021

It may be already more than two years as I try to deliver this project. I had to start it from scratch as the environment changed. Had to rethink the approach and learn more about publishing, writing and the subject itself. But it seems I'm on the right course to deliver this year. Becoming a Software Developer is meant to be a testimony to my journey, baked in a way that could show the path to the others. During over twenty years in the trade, I trained multiple developers, succeeded and failed. I had a chance to learn from great mentors and see those not worth following. I noticed that many books for people who aspire to work in software engineering focus only on the technical aspects. Few that try to tackle other areas seem to be soulless career self books. I still miss something that you could relate to, which helps you choose your destination before the deep dive. People who enter #100daysofcode or similar challenges this way burn out very fast. They miss the point, as often they have no idea what the skills they learn will be used for.

At the moment, I'm still completing the content. Yesterday that was 42K words, that equals 3/4 of the expected size. I'm planning to enhance it with doodles similar to those I publish on SketchLocked.

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1 min min read - February 16, 2021