Goodbye 2020, hi 2021

2 min min read - December 31, 2020

This year was a massive challenge to everyone but also brought a positive change. Don't remember any such eventful year before, so to sum up everything I will make a bullet point list.


  • We managed to have a sunny holiday at Tenerife just before Covid exploded.
  • I lost most of my commute and worked from home for most of the year, thanks to the lockdown.
  • Thanks to the same lockdown spent far more time with my kids. Especially with the older boy, cycling.
  • I had asymptomatic Covid myself and lost a close one to the disease. Tried to donate plasma, but had no antibodies.
  • I had 5 minutes of fame thanks to an unexpected article that scared me to death.
  • Had massive changes up and down in weight, still fighting with obesity.
  • I tried a bit to help friends in Belarus fighting for their freedom.
  • Last but the most important - have a beautiful baby daughter.


  • I had to change our way of working to fully remote.
  • Because eventful year we had far many more tasks on our hands.


  • Because of less cycling to work, I had fewer reports: 153 instead of 322 last year.
  • Because of the lockdown had cancelled all court cases where I was summoned. Most of them resolved without me, with driver found/pleaded guilty.
  • Because of the article above, I became more embedded in pro sustainable transport community and joined Merton Residents Transport Group.
  • I got beef with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (Royal Borough of Killing Children)


  • Still, working on the book. Pandemic made me start from scratch.
  • Joined once CodeBar as a mentor, but struggle to do it again because of lack of time. Need to do better nest year.
  • We had some great time playing with Lego and Raspberry Pi.
  • Got too busy at work to start/continue any proper projects.


  • Come back to dopamine detox and fasting, as it worked.
  • Try to find more time for cycling.
  • Finish book.
  • Not plan too much.

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1 min min read - February 16, 2021

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  1. Turn off notifications on the phone except work or productivity related
  2. Turn on Do Not Disturb between 6:00 PM and 7:30 AM except for calls and calendar reminders
  3. Turn off all Chrome Notificatons
  4. Add site blocker extension to Chrome and block social media between 9:30 and 5 PM
  5. Add site and app blocker extention to phone
  6. Put the phone in the cage when not using 2FA
  7. Keep phone in the cage after work until children are not asleep

Experiment worked for two weeks. Was a success. Then I left it. Need to start again now as it's really working.

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1 min min read - November 30, 2020