Plan: August 1st Brighton to Eastbourne

1 min min read - July 29, 2018

Aug 1st 27.5m.

I'll leave from East Croydon Station at 6:49AM and will arrive to Brighton 7:44AM. Cost via TrainLine was just about £16 compared to average 32.

After reaching the cliff I'll go towards Rottingdean, Peacehaven and finally Newhaven at the 10th mile. That should be good moment to take a break and maybe eat something more solid. Newhaven is small, but nice habour town so should have no problem with an affordable shopping.

In Seaford I'll start climbing cliffs at mile 14, but that will be very light until turning bit north to cross the river in Exceat and starting waling Seven Sisters. For that trip I'd have to grab bigger supply in Seaford or Newhaven for sure as it will be long walk in the wild until final big climb at 25th mile and walking down to hostel at 27th mile where I'd just take a shower and pass.

Supply for a trip:

  • Water
  • Chocolate
  • Apples
  • Some bun with some heat resistant filling

Staying at YHA Eastbourne Hostel £ 17.

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