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In 2017 I made my lone three-day trip to fundraise for pancreatic cancer research fund on University of Liverpool. The idea was plain simple. I recently became a father to a lovely boy. I wanted to invest in my own health for him, having in mind that years ago I lost my own father to pancreatic cancer. Planning long cycle ride is a great target to keep the mind on staying fit and looking after yourself. Cycling challenge is a good way to give your minimal input to the cause.

2017 Fundrising 300MilesForDad

I was hugely influenced by the event that my friend participate to Informatycy Na Rowery where they cycle to fundraise to support various causes, mostly medical treatment for children. and would like to make a small version of their cause in the UK.

Last, but not least important I found cycling a great way to sign a life milestone when I did 200 miles in two days just a few days before my own wedding - in shape of a heart.

2013 Cycling before wedding

Route was published on my instagram and this Facebook Fan Page.

Day 1

2017 300miles for data day 1

Start in Raynes Park, London




Day 2

New Forest

2017 300miles for data day 2 new forest

Isle of Wight

2017 300miles for data day 2 isle of wight

Roll to Brighton

2017 300miles for data day 2 portsmouth to brigton

Day 3

Climbing the Downs

2017 300miles for data day 3 dawns and surrey hills

Vintage Rose Tea Rooms


On the way back

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Bike was stolen, plan has changed Please read update here

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